This Week’s Television Guest: Keith Miller

July 28, 2020

Keith Miller asks, How much of God do you want?

And Keith isn’t afraid to challenge you: Do not live to your minimum! Be more than clay on a potter’s wheel. Keith says it is the Seven-fold Spirit of God who is your open door to encounters with the power of God! Your life assignment, he says, is to discover what these words from Isaiah meant to Jesus:


• The Spirit of the Lord • Wisdom • Understanding • Counsel • Might • Knowledge • The Fear of the Lord


By the time you navigate Keith’s book, The Seven-fold Spirit of God, and powerful audio series, Partnering with the Spirit of God, you will be well underway. Keith insists that you ALWAYS ask God for more. Your covenant relationship has the power of the Spirit of God to do it!

The Spirit’s wisdom is to ALWAYS ask God for more. You can start today.

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