Watch on the Go

Want to watch It's Supernatural! any time you want, away from a computer? Here's how:



You can download our It's Supernatural! Network app to stream ISN, our 24/7 video network, as well as watch It's Supernatural! TV and listen to Messianic Vision radio on demand. The ISN app is available free for Apple and Android phones and tablets by searching "Sid Roth" on the device's app store.

Download Apple version | Download Android version


You can have It's Supernatural! automatically downloaded to your computer, phone or tablet by subscribing to our video podcast. All you have to do is subscribe using a service like iTunes, which can be downloaded free on Windows and Mac computers here.

After you install iTunes, you can subscribe here: Podcast subscribe

If you would rather subscribe manually through iTunes, follow these instructions:

  1. Open iTunes and navigate to the "iTunes Store" page.

  2. Type "Sid Roth" into the search bar and press "Enter" (Windows) or "Return" (Mac).

  3. A list of podcasts will appear. Click on the "Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! Video Podcast" to be taken to the podcast page.

  4. Once on the "Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! Video Podcast" page, click the "Subscribe" button and the latest video podcast will download each week to your device.

Buying broadcasts on DVD

Many broadcasts are available for purchase in our store. Choose the format that's right for you and the broadcasts can be delivered directly to you!