This Week’s Television Guest: Donna Rigney

February 4, 2020
Two Sides of Eternity, and No Turning Back

The Jesus Donna Rigney loves so much had early plans for her, and what began at age seven grew beyond the usual bounds. Donna’s encounters would later include intense visions of Heaven—but with Jesus at her side, Donna also traveled to the depths of hell and its dark torments—over several months.


Then Jesus sent Donna to tell you actual details of what eternity holds.


In Heaven Revealed, Hell Exposed (book) and her 3-CD set, Keys to Heaven’s Best Now, Donna reminds you to live in the now of your love relationship with God. More than ever, do not let your relationship grow cold and never hesitate to run to Him!

Heaven’s best is for now—and for eternity. But pursue it now!

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