This Week’s Television Guest: Troy Brewer

December 30, 2020

God is not confined by the limits of time. Neither are you.

Troy Brewer says every moment of your life is always held in the palm of God’s hand.


Because of that Troy says your past and future are keys to your NOW, and he explores the revolutionary significance of how we overcome the limits of time. The very first step? Your redeemer is seated in eternity—invite Jesus into your personal timeline.


Redeeming Your Timeline (Book & 2-part Video*) guides you through a personal encounter with Jesus Your Redeemer as you…


• Walk away from guilt and shame
• Get free of anxiety and panic attacks
• Move past childhood traumas
• Take hold of supernatural peace


That’s just a fraction of where you can go. Troy also had a 93-minute encounter with King Jesus himself. In it he received five gifts AND one specific instruction—to share them with you. Troy’s Five Gifts from Jesus (audio download) will get you started for 2021!

Your past and future are keys to your NOW!

* You will receive an email with the link to Troy’s 2 videos. These are large files. You can watch online or download them!


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