This Week’s Television Guest: Rob Sanchez

June 1, 2021

Prophecy requires a strong relationship!

Every believer has some form of communication with God, but sometimes God uses a third party. God simply reveals information and purposes that otherwise could not be known. He gets the glory, we get the encounter—and EVERYBODY gets blessed!


Rob Sanchez’ new book is a powerful guide to speaking on behalf of God. In Discovering and Releasing Your Prophetic Voice Rob gives valuable direction as he helps you…


• Flow as you hear God’s voice
• Deliver God’s words without fear
• Join in powerful God encounters
• Sidestep common pitfalls


Rob draws on 20 years of ministry and his own encounters with God. His 3-CD/audio series, Personal Trainer for Prophecy, will bless you and others with keys to receiving a sure word from God! It also includes prayers of activation.

God is always ready to speak, and if you are ready He wants to speak through you.

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