This Week’s Television Guest: John Veal

February 11, 2020
How is your hedge of protection today?

John Veal grew up in a haunted house. Now he helps people around the world get rid of unwelcome spirits and then close any doors that are open to them. Whether it is something as old as a poverty mindset or something new, John has answers from God for a healthy hedge of protection.


John’s new book, Supernaturally Delivered, and 3-CD set, Overcoming Spiritual Strongholds, bring powerful help right to your doorstep. That includes:


• Knowing how to receive deliverance from things you can’t see

• Learning to identify and close doors to the demonic

• Operating in 7 secrets for guarding your anointing


The gateways are as nearby as your big screen TV, computer and smart phone! But Jesus wants us free!

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