This Week’s Television Guest: Guillermo Maldonado

June 2, 2020
Your reason for being is as unique as your fingerprint.

In Created for Purpose, Guillermo Maldonado spells out how your presence on this earth is far from insignificant, and your significance is in God alone. Your purpose is an extension of God’s intended dominion on earth. It’s not complicated, Maldonado says:


Your dominion is grounded on the faith, anointing and gifts God has given YOU alone.


What does it mean to be called by God? Find out and live it. Everything else is…worldly misdirection.


Apostle Maldonado also reveals indicators of purpose to guide you to finding God’s will for your life. Nothing can take that away, but only you can find it!

Guillermo Maldonado says only your purpose can light up your life!

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