Technical Questions


Why am I unable to watch/listen to your programs online?

There are many variables including different operating systems (MAC, Windows). We would suggest that you first make sure you have upgraded to the latest version of your browser (Chrome, Firefox…).


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How do I download your radio or TV program?

You can download our TV show by subscribing to our video podcast. Find out more here.

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How can I download the archives shows to itunes which are in the MP3 format?

Download the MP3 files to the desktop, then in iTunes choose “File > Import” and import the MP3 files.


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How can I download to my MP3 player?

From any of the radio broadcast pages on the right-hand side underneath the “Listen Now” links are the five broadcasts from the week. You can download the MP3 files by right-clicking on the appropriate link (day of the week) and save to your computer. Then you would just transfer the MP3 files from your computer to your MP3 player.


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Can I download the podcasts without itunes?

You may subscribe to our radio podcast using other software besides iTunes by clicking here.


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What if my country does not have a State or Province?

Click on the State field and select None from the bottom of the list.


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I am having trouble making a purchase in the Store.

The first step is to empty your Shopping Cart and then begin the process again. If the problem continues contact us via email with the form at the top of this page. If you are unsure if your order did successfully process, call 704-943-6500 to confirm if your order went through. This will prevent a double order.

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