Digital Download FAQ

Congratulations on your recent Digital Downloadable offer!

Here are a few quick notes on your new resource material:

    1. The links to access your digital resources are included on your Order Confirmation page as well as the email you received after making your successful payment on
    2. Click on the words under the column “DOWNLOAD” that are in your Order Confirmation email to access your digital resources.
    3. You have permission to download each resource 10 times per link. Be sure to download and save to your device. Each click of the “Download Now” is considered 1 of the 10 downloads.
    4. Your device has settings for downloaded material. Please refer to your device settings to find where your downloads are saved.
    5. Consider doing an online search for how to access digital downloads on your specific device.
    6. Digital books are locked so they cannot be copied or printed due to digital piracy.
    7. Digital videos may be links to a third party site called Vimeo. These files are often quite large which is why you may need to access them via Vimeo.

If the above tips did not answer your question, please email us at and ask for the physical version of the offer instead. If the physical offer is not available, we will automatically refund you the amount you paid for the digital download offer.

We appreciate your partnership in helping us reach the world with the Good News!