Prayer Needs and Praise Reports

Praise the Lord

  • Praise God for the amazing Live TV shoot last Thursday, the 11th. It was the first TV shoot of the year and was our 2018 Prophetic Outlook. Sid’s guests, Rich Vera, Hank Kunneman and Chuck Pierce each gave powerful prophecies for the coming year. The three of them together were fantastic! God truly confirmed His Word in the mouth of these three witnesses. Their words overlapped, coordinated, and supported each other. You can watch a replay at noon on Thursday, the 18th on ISN. You’ll be blessed!
  • Praise God! We have Sid back in the office. He has lots of new ideas for 2018 and we are ready to win more souls!

Immediate Prayer Focus

We are grateful for those who pray for and with us for what God is allowing Messianic Vision to accomplish for the Kingdom of God. Please join us in prayer for the following immediate prayer needs:

  • Pray for our upcoming TV shoot on Thursday, 1/18/18. We will record 3 new episodes of It’s Supernatural! Sid interviews Dr. Mike Brown and Sandra Kennedy on Biblical healing and the truth about Yeshua, Dennis and Dr. Jen Clark on inner healing and restoration, and Henry Gruver on supernatural healing and life after death.
  • Continue to pray for over 700,000 copies of Sid’s evangelistic, personal testimony booklet we are mailing to North American Jewish millennials. Recent polling shows that one-third feel God desires a relationship with them, over one-fifth believe Jesus was God in human form, and almost half celebrate Christmas. Pray for funding and accuracy in sending this mailing. Begin praying it will reach soft hearts prepared by God. Pray these unsaved, Jewish millennials read the message and receive Jesus as Messiah.
  • Pray for the Jewish outreach to Europe which we are planning. Pray we receive God’s wisdom and favor for every aspect of this event. Pray for God’s timing and logistics to open for Sid to speak to many unsaved Jews.
  • Pray for successful product development for our two networks, ISN and METV. Pray we receive God’s vision, wisdom, discernment, and skill as we consider the following projects: an on-site testimony feature for It’s Supernatural!, a “Supernatural Sid” animated children’s show, and an evangelistic TV special for secular audiences.
  • Please keep Sid and Joyce and all our staff and families in prayer for God’s ministering spirits to cover us continually with peace, health, and safety.

Upcoming Events

  • January 18 – It’s Supernatural! TV shoot. Sid interviews Dr. Michael Brown and Sandra Kennedy, Henry Gruver, and Dennis and Dr. Jen Clark.
  • February 8 — It’s Supernatural! TV shoot. Sid interviews Robert Henderson, Randy Clark and Jonathan Bernis.
  • February 22 — It’s Supernatural! TV shoot. Sid interviews Francis Frangipane, Julie Meyer and Bruce Van Natta.

Continue in Prayer

  • Pray that our books from It’s Supernatural! Press become bestsellers.
  • Continue to pray for increased finances to come into the ministry to fund the many outreach opportunities we have.
  • Continue to pray for Messianic Vision to have our own offices in Israel. Keep praying for God’s favor on Sid and Messianic Vision with officials, Knesset members, and secular leaders in Israel.
  • Pray for the funds to mail over 2 million Jewish evangelistic books to over 2 million Jewish families in North America. Pray that many Jewish people will be saved through this outreach.
  • Pray we receive God’s guidance in selecting and securing new programming to be added to ISN and METV.

Remember that our staff prays for you, our intercessors, every day. We really do! We thank you for your faithful service to lift Sid and our staff in prayer each week.

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