Prayer Needs and Praise Reports

Praise the Lord

  • Praise God for an enlightening and productive Board of Directors meeting. Seeing a summary on paper of the recent accomplishments and growth of the ministry is very revealing and encouraging. The Lord has given us many opportunities. We have used them and continue to seek His direction. Praise God for giving us Board members whose hearts are yielded to Him above all.
  • This week we highlight our Facilities Manager as we continue our behind-the-scenes series about our ministry staff. You will get to see the faces behind the titles and learn how to effectively pray for the essential work that happens off-stage. This is only available to our registered intercessors who get a free, private link to an inner page. To sign up to be a registered intercessor for the ministry, click on the link at the bottom of the page. Registered intercessors receive the special link to additional ministry features, teaching and encouragement written just for them. See you there!

Immediate Prayer Focus

We are grateful for those who pray for and with us for what God is allowing Messianic Vision to accomplish for the Kingdom of God. Please join us in prayer for the following immediate prayer needs:

  • Our new ministry Bible is reaching the final stages of pre-production. Pray for skilled proofreading and for all elements of this project to come to completion quickly and easily. Pray for God’s guidance as we prepare for printing.
  • We need special prayer as we continue to work on implementing our new accounting and database systems. Pray for revelation of any hindrances, for illumination of a true and right path, and for coordination of action by our staff and consultants under God’s direction. Pray we receive divine intervention to produce the most effective technology for our ministry.
  • Keep praying to prepare the ground for a successful outreach in another country later this autumn. Pray for wisdom in planning and for Sid to operate fully in the miraculous.
  • Continue to pray that METV becomes the most-watched TV network in the Middle East. Pray especially for us to receive wisdom in our programming planning.
  • Please keep Sid and Joyce and all our staff and families in prayer for God’s ministering spirits to cover us continually with peace, health, and safety.

Upcoming Events

  • July 13 – It’s Supernatural! TV shoot. Sid interviews Jeremiah Johnson, Leif Hetland, and Steven Brooks.
  • July 20 — It’s Supernatural! TV shoot. Sid interviews Dawna DeSilva, Joan Gieson, and Karen Schatzline.
  • August 3 — It’s Supernatural! TV shoot. Sid interviews Katie Souza, Hakeen and Naim Collins, and Kynan Bridges.
  • August 17 — It’s Supernatural! TV shoot. Sid interviews Dr. Sandy Kulkin, Francis Frangipane, Steven Musick, and Shawn Bolz.

Continue in Prayer

  • Pray that our books from It’s Supernatural! Press become bestsellers.
  • Continue to pray for increased finances to come into the ministry to fund the many outreach opportunities we have.
  • Continue to pray for Messianic Vision to have our own offices in Israel. Keep praying for God’s favor on Sid and Messianic Vision with officials, Knesset members, and secular leaders in Israel.
  • Pray for the funds to mail over 2 million Jewish evangelistic books to over 2 million Jewish families in North America. Pray that many Jewish people will be saved through this outreach.
  • Pray we receive God’s guidance in selecting and securing new programming to be added to ISN and METV.

Remember that our staff prays for you, our intercessors, every day. We really do! We thank you for your faithful service to lift Sid and our staff in prayer each week.

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