Prayer Needs and Praise Reports

Praise the Lord

  • Praise God for the amazing anointing among our staff and in our prayer room! In addition to morning prayer every weekday, on Tuesday afternoons Sid and the whole staff comes together for an hour of worship to God and hearing from Him. Last Tuesday the power of God enveloped us as we worshiped, and we felt a shift in the spiritual atmosphere. We are expecting reports of change and breakthrough in our own personal lives and in the ministry. God is no respecter of persons, and you can receive His breakthrough, too!
  • Praise the Lord! Our prayers are being answered regarding programs for METV. We have received agreement to air “Touched By An Angel” and “Little House on the Prairie,” among others, to help build a secular audience base that we can also reach with the gospel.

Immediate Prayer Focus

We are grateful for those who pray for and with us for what God is allowing Messianic Vision to accomplish for the Kingdom of God. Please join us in prayer for the following immediate prayer needs:

  • Our next It’s Supernatural! TV shoot is Monday, August 21. This is the date of the full solar eclipse across the U.S., including right over Charlotte. Sid interviews Jonathan Cahn about this heavenly sign and Shawn Bolz about prophetic words on Monday morning, and later he interviews Steven Musick about bringing heaven to earth. This should be an exciting time with our studio audience. The timing for these shows will be a little different from our usual TV shoots. Pray for excellence in every area of production. Pray for heavenly signs in our studio. Pray that these shows are full of God’s power.
  • Continue to pray for It’s Supernatural!’s new opening — the first few seconds of the program that shows the title and opens the show. We have been shooting new footage and will be editing soon. Sid wants our new opening to be better than the best secular television opening to draw in the unsaved to watch our show. Keep praying for divine wisdom and direction to finish this project with excellence.
  • Continue to pray we have wisdom and discernment as we plan the design of a new set.
  • We are not yet ready to print, but we are finalizing the feature content of our new ministry Bible called the Supernatural Bible. Pray we receive focus, clarity and divine skill to prepare this Bible.
  • Keep praying fervently for the implementation of our new database system and new accounting system. Pray for revelation of all that needs to be brought to light. Pray for God’s direction in completing this process successfully.
  • Our next outreach in another country happens next month. Pray for God’s wisdom and direction as we plan the logistics. Pray for safety and security. Begin praying that many unsaved Jews attend.
  • We are beginning to air some of our new programs lined up for METV. PTL! Pray for wisdom and excellence as we continue to develop new shows and programming. Continue to pray that METV becomes the most-watched TV network in the Middle East.
  • Please keep Sid and Joyce and all our staff and families in prayer for God’s ministering spirits to cover us continually with peace, health, and safety.

Upcoming Events

  • August 21 — It’s Supernatural! TV shoot. Sid interviews Steven Musick and Shawn Bolz.
  • September 19 — It’s Supernatural! TV shoot. Sid interviews Adam Thompson & Adrian Beale, Lill DeFin and James Maloney.

Continue in Prayer

  • Pray that our books from It’s Supernatural! Press become bestsellers.
  • Continue to pray for increased finances to come into the ministry to fund the many outreach opportunities we have.
  • Continue to pray for Messianic Vision to have our own offices in Israel. Keep praying for God’s favor on Sid and Messianic Vision with officials, Knesset members, and secular leaders in Israel.
  • Pray for the funds to mail over 2 million Jewish evangelistic books to over 2 million Jewish families in North America. Pray that many Jewish people will be saved through this outreach.
  • Pray we receive God’s guidance in selecting and securing new programming to be added to ISN and METV.

Remember that our staff prays for you, our intercessors, every day. We really do! We thank you for your faithful service to lift Sid and our staff in prayer each week.

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