This Week’s Television Guest: Ryan Bruss

December 22, 2020

2021 is the Year of Lazarus.

The resurrection of Lazarus caused many Jews to believe on Jesus. It’s that same comeback potential in you that satan sees when he looks at you. And he doesn’t like it.


So, Lazarus, what do you see when you look in the mirror? 2021 is staring back at you as we speak, bigger than life. The year 2021 holds unspoken potential for you as you go through each week.


What does that look like? How do you move forward with new resolutions and good intentions? Ryan Bruss says…one act of love at a time.


Start with your family. Think small and live it. Ryan also says the reality is that Jesus is coming back for a kingdom of Lazaruses. You’re it.


Ryan has strong encouragement to help you—his new book, Killing Lazarus, and his 3-part audio series, How to Drive the Enemy Meshuga (Crazy). In God’s world, small steps go a long way!

Heaven cheers at every intentional act of love. 2021 is a great time to start!

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