This Week’s Television Guest: Rabbi Jason Sobel

May 11, 2021

When Heaven Comes to You

Rabbi Jason Sobel’s latest book, Aligning with God’s Appointed Times, is both an invitation and an open door.


Rabbi Jason shows you that what began with a commandment was never intended to overshadow the joy of drawing near to God. And, he says, the sheer scale of these family gatherings points directly to the awesomeness of your covenant God. Even when observed at home!


Jason also explores God’s larger seasons according to the Hebrew calendar. In The Decade of Breakthrough (3-part audio series) he looks at the decade we are living in now and helps you to:


• Understand the prophetic character of the Hebrew calendar
• Learn how declarations can accelerate your own breakthrough
• Find the favor of God in His times and seasons

Jason releases his own declarations and blessings throughout this series!

Rabbi Jason Sobel is the founder of Fusion Global, a ministry that seeks to bring people into the full inheritance of their faith.


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