This Week’s Television Guest: Jermaine & Rebecca Francis

February 18, 2020
Nothing melts your heart like a word from God from someone you don’t know.

In their new book, Activating the Gift of Prophecy, and 3-CD set, Activating the Prophetic in Your Daily Life, Jermaine and Rebecca Francis demonstrate how God loves to stir things up—as they team up to show you can prophesy too. For instance:


• Discover the voice of God by different spiritual senses

• Develop a heart God can trust to speak for Him

• Discern soul from spirit when hearing God

• Prophesy in accordance with Scripture and by sound protocol


God’s heart does not change. It is our hearts that need guarding! God delights in the partnership as He builds you up!

Live closer to God than ever before. And prophesy!

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