This Week’s Television Guest: Georg Karl

May 19, 2020
Georg Karl helps you “fall” into the Glory of God!

If you want to know about the Glory that is coming, look at what is already here. Do not think small. Instead expect it on the scale of Who God Is and know what is coming is big enough to cover the earth.


In his book, Journey into Glory, Georg Karl helps you rely on God alone Whose possibilities are limitless. How? You fall into the Glory. Georg keeps it simple—


  • Encounters are not mind to spirit
  • God’s Glory connects spirit to spirit


Illustrated with with wonders and miracles God is already doing in Georg’s home country (Germany) this book demonstrates exactly what is also available on this side of the Atlantic. You might even be jealous. Then Georg’s 3-CD/audio series, The Ultimate Hour of the Sons of Glory, helps you to become sensitive to God’s Glory and live in it daily!

Are you waiting for God to move? He’s waiting for you!

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