This Week’s Television Guest: Emma Stark

June 8, 2020
Can you discern when God is speaking? In the last days, you’d better be able to know!

Emma Stark’s new book, The Prophetic Warrior, and audio masterclass, Hearing & Seeing God, are your constant reminders that you have dominion! You have territory and rights go with it!


Emma gets right to the point and encourages you to:


• Use the creative power of your words

• Partner with the Holy Spirit

Use your prayer language!

• Work with angels

• Know the ways God speaks (there are at least a dozen!)


Emma gives you an invaluable inside view of how she and others search out the things of God! In a word—perceive! Hear what the Spirit (in you) is saying!

Just because a word is bold doesn’t mean the word is from God. These days, you’d better be able to know!

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