This Week’s Television Guest: Duncan Smith

April 14, 2021

What do the Holy Spirit and the Human Torch have in common? Ask Duncan Smith.

Duncan Smith’s almost embarrassing testimony includes a season of his life resembling Marvel comic book hero Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. The tangible fire of God was that powerful. Even inconvenient!


His new book, Consumed with Holy Fire, is about opportunity. Your opportunity to:


• Become ignited by holy fire
• Awaken your personal passion for Jesus
• Discover what a miraculous lifestyle really is
• Find dimensions of God’s love you can’t anticipate


Duncan says this is your potential—it is real potential. And Duncan’s 3-CD/audio series, A New Paradigm for Miracles, goes on to invite you to manifest the Kingdom of Jesus in your own life. Supernatural? Yes! And worth it.

Duncan never wanted a boring religious life. And you?

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