This Week’s Television Guest: Dennis & Jennifer Clark

August 25, 2020

The Antidote for 2020 and Beyond

In Instanbul, Turkey, the year 1873, a young cleric found a fragile papyrus scroll in a monastery library. It was called “the Teaching” or Didache. Over a century later it became the subject of intense study by leading scholars. Their consensus? It pre-dated even the first written gospels.


An Ancient Blueprint for the Supernatural contains the full text of the Didache along with commentary from Drs. Dennis and Jen Clark. From its pages you will discover how to:


  Please God even in a godless society

  Discern false teaching that robs you of God’s fullness in your life

  Demonstrate Jesus to the world around you

  Access the miraculous power of the Cross

  Rediscover prayer, communion, baptism and their power!


Then in their 4-part audio series, The Lost Teaching of the Apostles, the Clarks apply the wisdom of the first apostles to our 21st-century world. Dennis and Jennifer agree it is the antidote for our times, especially 2020! Download includes Small Groups that Work (just like the early church).

This ancient teaching is saturated with the power of the early church. It pre-dates the first written gospels!

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