This Week’s Television Guest: David Edwards

May 18, 2021

Your next God encounter is right in front of your face.

David Edward’s new book Mystify invites you to experience the presence of God through His creation. Creation is God’s tabernacle. The key is to take the time to experience it with Him.


David learned that if you spend quality time with God the miraculous is always close at hand. That could be for personal needs or corporate encounters like: a house vibrates, the ground shakes, wind blows through a store, misty rains manifest indoors…


Out of encounters like these David learned the gateway to enlarging your faith and receiving your miracle is through expectation. Creation is your springboard! With that in mind, David’s 3-part audio series, The Power of Expectation, teaches you:


• Keys to living out of a heart of expectation
• The importance of focus and consistency
• Simple steps to cultivate God’s presence


The heavens declare the glory of God! Why not join them? 

David Edwards says God encounters lead to more encounters—and more!

Rabbi Jason Sobel is the founder of Fusion Global, a ministry that seeks to bring people into the full inheritance of their faith.


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