This Week’s Television Guest: Bill Dennington

June 16, 2020
Break Free of Generational Curses

In his groundbreaking book, Breaking the Stronghold of Iniquity, Bill Dennington reveals how New Covenant believers can have open doors to the enemy through generational sin. Thankfully there’s no need to wrestle. Bill shows you how to:


Recognize the “mystery of iniquity” operating in your life

Overcome generational curses that can hijack God’s purposes for you

Remove spiritual roots in your bloodline

Get free by approaching Jesus as the Righteous Judge

Stop accepting delay and get accelerated breakthrough


He goes on to lay out 7 Steps to Freedom (audio series) that ended his own frustrations with bloodline iniquity. He got free AND his son (who was totally unaware) got free too.

Bill Dennington learned Jesus’ Blood purchased TOTAL freedom.

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