This Week’s Television Guest: Becca Greenwood

December 15, 2020

You can sense the movement of God’s Spirit. And unwanted spirits too!

Becca Greenwood believes the most overlooked key to your relationship with God is discerning what spiritual forces are at work around you. When you can both sense the movement of God’s Spirit and identify unwanted activity, you can speak out with power!


In Discerning the Spirit Realm, Becca Greenwood offers her latest keys for standing your ground and engaging the unseen realm. Rebecca helps you…


  • Recognize when unfriendly forces are at work—and shut them down.
  • Walk in greater discernment without adopting a critical spirit
  • Recognize essential cues from the natural realm


Becca says the gift of discernment is easily cultivated. Her 2-part audio series, Discernment Made Easy, can make a difference from Day One.


She also helps you shake off all-too-common hindrances—unwanted thoughts, desires and emotions that can cloud your spiritual life. Rebecca’s 64-page reference guide, Breaking Strongholds…gets right to the point!

Becca reminds you that you have a voice because it’s the most powerful gift of all!

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