LIVE Show Replays


January 2019: Prophetic Outlook 

My special guests, Larry Sparks, Cindy Jacobs and Hank Kunneman reveal what the Lord has shown them about what this year holds for you and your loved ones and what’s ahead for America, Israel and the world!


September 2018: Secrets of the Spirit World

Our live special—Secrets of the Spirit World—was our BEST show ever! My guests—Perry Stone and Kent Henry—ushered us into God’s Glory. One seer saw arrows filled with Glory being shot into the homes of viewers!


July 2018: Tsunami of Glory

Our live special—Tsunami of Glory—was historic! My guests—Keith Ellis, Diane Nutt and Joshua Mills—ushered us into a wave of God’s Glory as we’ve never known it before!


May 2018: The Greater Glory

Finally—the Glory has arrived! Our live special—The Greater Glory—was historic! The Glory was tangible and even some reported seeing the Glory. During this show, me and my guests—David Herzog, Kevin Zadai, Keith Ellis and Roy Fields—saw more miracles in our studio audience than ever before!


March 2018: Show Me Your Glory

The Glory Has Started! During our Show Me Your Glory LIVE Event, my guests Dr. Keith Ellis, Diane Nutt and Leonard Jones ushered us into God’s manifest presence—where miracles are easily obtained.


January 2018: 2018 Prophetic Outlook

What is God saying about you and your loved ones in 2018? During our 2018 Prophetic Outlook, my guests Chuck Pierce, Hank Kunneman and Rich Vera revealed what the Spirit is saying: choose life and prosper in the year ahead.


November 2017: Beyond the Toronto Blessing—What’s Next?

Our live event—Beyond the Toronto Blessing—had the highest glory yet! My guests, John and Carol Arnott were the shepherds of one of the longest revivals in history. During this event, they answered the question “what’s next?


October 2017: One-on-One with Jesse Duplantis

Our special live broadcast One-on-One with Jesse Duplantis was the highest anointing of any program I have ever done! The Glory resting on Jesse and I—as well as my friends Kevin Zadai and Keith Ellis—compounded to create a Glory explosion. We have already received reports of people being instantly healed!


June 2017: Life After Death

Jim Woodford and Gary Wood are two ordinary people who died and went to Heaven. During the broadcast, they shared their vivid, first-hand accounts of Heaven and their encounters with the chilling reality of Hell.


May 2017: Rod Parsley

Satan wanted to silence and take out Rod Parsley with a shocking diagnosis of cancer on his vocal chords. But Rod couldn’t be silenced and God healed him! Now Rod is sharing a powerful prophetic message about God’s upcoming grand finale!


April 2017: Glory Explosion

David Herzog, Kathie Walters and Julie Meyer have all walked in the Glory for many years and are forerunners of the next move of God’s Spirit. They share that when you are covered with the Glory, the Fullness of God’s Presence comes.


March 2017: Healing and the Prophetic

Hank Kunneman says that when prophecy and healing are combined, the results are multiplied. Wait until you see Hank and Richard Roberts tag team during the show!


February 2017: 40th Anniversary and the Glory Celebration

When we celebrated 40 years of ministry with Dr. Keith Ellis and Kevin Zadai, there was a powerful move of God’s end-time Glory in the studio during this once-in-a-lifetime event. You don’t want to miss it!


January 2017: 2017 Prophetic Outlook

During this live show, my special guests Perry Stone, Rich Vera and Cindy Jacobs shared what’s next on God’s prophetic calendar concerning America, Israel and the world!


November 2016: Guillermo Maldonado

My special guest, Guillermo Maldonado, has been called to bring the supernatural power of God to this generation by sharing the keys to walking in victory.


September 2016: John Bevere

This live show was history-making! My special guest, John Bevere, shared the most impactful teaching he has ever been given by God. I then made the biggest announcement in the history of our ministry!


September 2016: Jonathan Cahn

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn takes you on a journey of revelation through ancient Scriptures and brings you the most important keys to spiritual truth! Learn how to find and fulfill the supernatural pattern, calling, purpose, vision and destiny of your life!

July 2016: Miracle Explosion!

Joan Hunter, Dr. Clarice Fluitt & Joan Gieson have all received the Kathryn Kuhlman anointing. When their three anointings combined there was a miracle explosion!

June 2016: David & Jason Benham

The Benham brothers are best-selling authors, speakers and nationally acclaimed entrepreneurs who were offered their own reality show, but because they stood on their moral convictions, their contract was canceled. Now God has rewarded them by giving them an even bigger platform.

May 2016: Perry Stone

Since the age of 16, Perry has spent over 100,000 hours studying the Scriptures on end-time Bible prophecy. During this broadcast, Perry reveals mysteries of Heaven—past, present and future! Scholars say these revelations have never been brought forth before.

April 2016: Keith Ellis

Expect the presence of God to flow right through your screen and touch you as Keith talks about how to live in the Land of Peace! You will feel the tangible presence of God like no show you have ever seen

March 2016: Richard Roberts

Richard is seeing an explosion of healing over the past five months with testimonies coming in every month of doctor-verified healings from terminal diseases!

February 2016: Tom Horn

Tom comes to sound an end-time alarm on godless science gone astray. It may sound like a science fiction movie, but the dangers are real and accelerating! In this special broadcast, Tom shares the revelation of what the future holds for you and your loved ones.

January 2016: Hank Kunneman

Have you noticed that almost all the prophets are prophesying doom and gloom? Are you ready for some good news? Hank is one of the most precise prophets Sid has ever known. On this special broadcast, Hank shares that we are coming into the most amazing time in history!

October 2015: Keith Ellis

If you or a friend need a miracle or just encouragement, this is your moment! Get ready to receive your miracle — your breakthrough — your healing as you watch “A Night of Miracles” with Keith Ellis!

September 2015: Jonathan Cahn

Our LIVE show with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn was historic! It was our first live interactive broadcast for It’s Supernatural! as well as our first live broadcast on our It’s Supernatural! Network (ISN). Jonathan shared information never released before on what is about to happen worldwide!