Replay of Glory Explosion LIVE

Waves of Glory Are About to Crash!

My recent live show with special guests David Herzog, Kathie Walters and worship-leader Julie Meyer was an anointed event when the Glory came down in the studio!

David, Kathie and Julie have all walked in the Glory for many years and are forerunners of the next move of God’s Spirit. When you are covered with the Glory, the Fullness of God’s Presence comes. No weapon formed against you (sickness, lack or family problems) can prosper!

You can also watch replays of all our previous live, interactive programs here.

There Are No Limitations in the Glory

Miracles in the Glory (6-CD Set); Code 3136

Miracles in the Glory brings three anointed teachers together—David Herzog, Kathie Walters and Julie Meyer. They are known for years of experience in inviting the Presence of God and ministering when His Glory comes.

In this exclusive 6-CD series, David teaches on being “Desperate for the Glory,” Kathie shares “The Glory Realm is Our Inheritance,” and Julie gives her insights on “Activating the Glory!”

These collective revelations are precious and powerful tools for anyone who is hungry for more of God and heavenly encounters, or desperate for a breakthrough!