Find a Station

Our Messianic Vision radio program has now become an online audio show. After broadcasting on radio since 1977, this is a major step for us, but I am convinced this is part of God’s plan as our world changes.

I hope you will continue to connect with us here on I am excited about this next move for the Messianic Vision audio show. Please see below the three main ways you can continue listening.

3 Ways to Listen to Messianic Vision Audio

1. Go to at any time of day to listen to the current week’s show or to access hundreds of archived episodes. While you’re there, be sure to watch our TV show It’s Supernatural!

2. Go to the iTunes store and search on “Sid Roth” to find our free Messianic Vision audio podcast. When you subscribe to the podcast, the new show will be delivered to your computer, phone or tablet each week. You may also want to subscribe to my free It’s Supernatural! video podcast.

3. Search “Sid Roth” in the App Store and download our free It’s Supernatural! Network (ISN) app for iOS and Android devices. The app will allow you to watch our 24/7 online TV network on your phone or tablet as well as listen to our current radio programs.