Newsmax 1-Hour Special

Sid Roth’s guest, Issac Pitre, says that millions of end-time demons have been loosed on planet earth BUT there is a way to prevail! Then Dr. Sharon Nesbitt shares about ancient Jewish pathways that will open God’s blessings, favor, and protection on YOUR life!

There is a Way to Win Every Battle!

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you or your loved ones plagued by fear, anxiety, and feelings of despair? Does the thought of ending your life ever just flash through your mind? There is a war being waged against you that, unless you know what weapons to use to stop it, will leave you and your family in defeat. Issac Pitre has learned the keys to living in the spiritual authority that every human on earth has a right to. His teaching will cause you to turn around, pick up the God-given authority that has been paid for on your behalf, fight back, and win! This episode is like a life raft being thrown into a churning sea of despair. Sid Roth says, “Be of good cheer… because there really is an out of this world HOPE that you can grab hold of and LIVE the life you were created to live!”

Reclaim your spiritual authority with Isaac Pitre’s Take Back Your Authority book and audio series, where you’ll defeat the enemy and attain dominion in both natural and supernatural realms. Through ten spiritually grounded declarations, you will seize control of every situation and destroy the plans of the devil.

You cannot get to your Desired Destination unless you are on the Right Highway! 

Tonight, you will find out that there is more available to you than just sporadic moments when all is well in your life. Dr. Sharon Nesbitt has discovered that there is a system that you can learn to walk in to experience a continuous cycle of completeness, where all is well in your world! There are set times that you can align yourself with that will cause Heaven itself to open for you to receive all that you would ever need! Her teaching will fulfill a longing that you didn’t even know you had… but you were actually born with it. You will learn how to feast and celebrate with the God of the Universe who knows you by name, and longs to lead you into complete wholeness… in EVERY area of your life!

Discover how the ancient Hebraic roots of your faith connect to age-old blessings in Accessing Ancient Portals. Explore Dr. Sharon Nesbitt’s transformative teaching series, Your Appointments with God, focusing on connecting with God through appointed times and seasons, leading to divine encounters and an elevated relationship with God.