Newsmax 1-Hour Special

Sid Roth’s guest, Peggy Joyce Ruth, was trapped in fear and torment, leading to losing her mind! Doctors said eight years of horrific shock treatments and after that…no hope! Tune in to hear the astonishing account of how God stepped in with a powerful deliverance that led to the deliverance of millions! Then Tom Hardiman shares how he went from being a strong Olympic athlete at the 1972 Munich Olympics where eleven Israeli athletes were murdered by terrorists, to being so severely broken he ended up in a mental ward!

God Has Provided an Umbrella to PROTECT You in Every Storm!   

Peggy Joyce Ruth knows that deep darkness is closing in, causing many to suffer fear, anxiety, and torment! She went from wondering if there even was a God, to being given a dream that still brings millions of people, around the world, freedom! God showed her the written agreement He made with His children to take them victoriously through any situation they would ever encounter! And it’s not rocket science! It is simple-to-follow, must-have instructions that will enable you and your loved ones to sail smoothly through every storm!

God’s Preparation for a COMEBACK!   

Tom Hardiman had a tremendous athletic career that took him to the Olympics, and the mental tenacity to overcome any challenge he faced! But suddenly he found himself enduring panic attacks that, although he tried, he could not shake off! Confused and broken, he was admitted to the mental ward where he felt abandoned by God. Then God showed him that he had not been set aside but set apart to be prepared for the greatest comeback of his life! He is proof that God can take the tragedies that leveled your life…and rebuild to heights greater than before!