May 2019 Newsletter

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Messianic Vision - January 2019 Newsletter

By Stovall Weems

In 2018, my year began in the same way as almost every other one of the 19 years that I had pastored Celebration Church—with 21 days of prayer and fasting. We always see God move during this special, consecrated time, but 2018 was different. Right from the start of the fast that year, the Lord began to speak to me that this was going to be a year like no other. He emphasized that I would need to depend upon the leading of His Spirit like I never had before. As the 21 days of the fast unfolded, Celebration Church began to experience the presence and power of God in unprecedented ways. Little did we know that the Spirit was preparing our hearts for something even greater.

In the past, I (like most Christians) viewed revival as a seasonal time of renewal where God moves in power to bring many people to salvation, and to bring breakthroughs, miracles, and healings to His people. This time, however, God totally redefined my notions of revival by showing me that it’s about restoring what’s been lost or neglected to its original purpose, so that the people of God can live in the power He intended. God wanted us to move beyond revival into something sustainable, holistic, and lasting. This was about more than revival; this was about restoration.

Messianic Vision - January 2019 Newsletter

Messianic Vision - January 2019 Newsletter

On Friday, March 30, 2018 at the Good Friday services held at Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida, I had a heavenly encounter with Jesus; an encounter that completely disrupted everything about my life and everything about the way I had been leading Celebration Church for almost 20 years. It happened that Good Friday and the Jewish celebration of Passover fell on the same day that year. Because of this, I had invited Paul Wilbur, a believing Jew with a global worship ministry, to lead our church in the Passover Seder explaining how Jesus became the Passover Lamb who takes away the sins of the world.

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I was on the stage with Paul as he led the congregation in communion, and the presence and power of the Holy Spirit was tangibly present—it was as if the weight of God’s glory filled the room. Paul served me the unleavened bread and he gave instructions to the congregation. He prayed the Passover blessing first in Hebrew, and then in English. When Paul spoke in Hebrew the words that Jesus said to His disciples at the last Passover, things began to shift for me into a supernatural dimension. Along with Paul’s voice, I heard another voice speaking the same words in Hebrew —but I knew this was not Paul’s voice. It was clear, and it was loud—like the experience of going from mono to stereo when listening to music.

I tried to figure out where this other voice was coming from. I had never heard the audible voice of God before, so I wasn’t quite sure whose voice I was hearing. But then in an instant I was overwhelmed by the personality and presence of Jesus. The person of Jesus was increasingly and unmistakably identifiable to me as I became vividly aware of Him, and His personality and the glory of His personhood. I felt like I was in some type of other worldly atmosphere and I looked to my left where the Lord’s presence was coming from and there was the Lord Jesus standing on the stage next to me about 10 feet away. I had no strength in me and felt like I was collapsing and then I was in the Heavens where Jesus is.

I was then standing in this completely different dimension —a heavenly dimension. In the heavenly realm we were gathered in a mountain courtyard-like setting. I was placed (standing but bowed) at the Lord’s Table, and I was positioned next to Jesus, to the right of Him. There was also a council present and a heavenly host, and a presence coming from above and behind me that no human words could ever describe. Now in front of me and at the table were the Apostles. Then in front of me and much further away and down a bit was a vast heavenly congregation. I was in the heavenly Passover in the heavenly Zion with the heavenly congregation and family and the church of the Firstborn (as seen in Hebrews 12).

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The presence and power of Jesus was so overwhelming and terrifying that I dared not lift my head to look around. Yet, while I was experiencing the terror of the fear of the Lord, I was also experiencing absolutely no condemnation. I felt overwhelming and indescribable oneness with him, complete love and acceptance—all of this was happening at the exact same time! I knew Jesus as King and Savior, but in this moment, I was also experiencing Him as brother. Jesus— terrifying in the beautiful ferocity of His holiness and love—was not ashamed to call me brother before everyone in Heaven. And for some reason I will never comprehend, Jesus treated me as an equal. To say I was undone is an understatement. The entire encounter was full of indescribable tensions of the person and majesty of Jesus. He showed me His covenant. I saw and experienced what could best be described as the Kingdom of Heaven. I beheld His Glory.

The strength of Jesus is indescribable. Jesus is a man of action. HE is on mission. The heavenly realm is on mission. He is the High Priest, the Commander of the Lord’s Armies. HE IS THE KING.

In the midst of all of this experience, I was still holding the bread in my hands, but now it was as if Jesus Himself had served it to me. He was waiting on me to decide if I was going to eat the bread. I knew if I ate the bread I was entering into the most holy and serious of bonds. It’s an indescribable love blood bond. The deepest form of family, loyalty and mission. I realized that by taking the bread from Him and partaking of it I was saying in response, “Yes, Jesus. You can go die for my sins now. In effect, I was
sending Him to die for me, for my sins. My sins were putting our Lord to the cross. I don’t know how to describe this feeling in words. In return I was pledging to give my life to Him in complete surrender. I was laying down my life as a living sacrifice so that the Lord could live His life through me and we would carry out the mission of our Father. We have entered a new time. Not a new season but a new time.

I ate the bread. Then the heavenly realm faded away and I found myself standing on the stage with Paul as he finished leading the congregation in the Passover Seder.

This encounter has caused me to repent of so much, be humbled, and realize how many things in which I was not honoring the Lord in my life and ministry. It has completely disrupted in the best kind of way everything in my life including how I see family, the home, the local church, ministry, stewarding, pastoring, leading,
the kingdom, the ecclesia, the priesthood of the believer and so much more. And of course, the fear of the Lord and how I . relate to approach the Lord. The magnitude of the power of the BLOOD of Jesus and the cross and the redemption through His blood. Eden to Eden restored! WORTHY IS THE LAMB THAT WAS SLAIN! And only by HIS BLOOD!

Stovall and Kerri Weems are the founders and senior pastors of the 15,000 member Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL.


Watch what happens when the Greater Glory explodes!

By Sid Roth

Harvest has begun! Jesus cautioned His disciple in Matthew 9:37, The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. But we are living in a different time—the time that Daniel prophesied in Daniel 12:4: But you, Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro [jet airplanes], and knowledge shall increase [Computer Age, smart phones, etc.]

We and others are running with this new technology and accomplishing more evangelism than anyone in previous generations! Already, we have seeded the Jewish community by mailing 1,867,690 of my Jewish testimony books to North American Jewish people through our Project 77 (and we are still mailing books). Many for the first time in their life have the truth about our Messiah and at harvest time know how to be born again. I just received this email, which is a snapshot of what is going on with many Jewish people who got my book.

Dear Mr. Roth, I received your book in the mail several years ago, ironically after asking God to give me a sign if Jesus exists as the Messiah. I read the book, was intrigued, but put it aside. As a Jew, lately, I can’t seem to shake the idea of Jesus as the Messiah. I will be considering a Messianic Jewish Congregation or even speaking to a Church Pastor, to follow up on these thoughts and feelings that I can’t shake…. I feel a need to be closer to God… Thank you for your work…

Now we are also seeding the next generation of Jewish Millennials with evangelistic books. Our “go to” Millennial website, designed for those who receive the book, will disciple them and answer many of their questions. Only Heaven is a witness of how God is once again dealing with His ancient Jewish people. And when Jewish people approach you asking about Jesus, as they surely will, our Supernatural Bible and other tools will equip you to answer their questions and lead them to the Lord. The newly expanded Supernatural Bible: Second Edition includes more teaching and chain- referenced commentaries on topics such as God’s Greater Glory. I am getting reports that when people touch the Bible, they feel the tangible Glory! It is literally supernatural—a Bible school in your Bible, including my 40 years of evangelistic experience and the best teaching and commentaries from the best teachers of the supernatural on the planet.

God is opening unprecedented doors of outreach. I was recently a guest on a secular Internet TV show called Caravan To Midnight. Over 459,000 people either viewed the show or later heard the program. These are predominantly unsaved people.

I shared my full testimony and asked people to repeat the prayer of salvation after me. Many wrote to the host and said they prayed, were healed or felt the tangible Glory of God. They didn’t know the term but that’s what they described. I have just been invited back on the program and I intend to teach how to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues—Supernatural Languages!

Our Middle East TV Network (METV) is more than a network. It is a God-given tool for reaching Israel and the Middle East with the Gospel. In February, we had the exclusive rights to broadcast the Super Bowl in Israel on METV. We preempted the regular half-time show and in 20 minutes I proclaimed the Good News. The statistics are in—there were over 80,000 viewers in Israel, primarily unsaved Jewish people, (allowing for two viewers per household)! Imagine—80,000 Israelis heard a full presentation of the Gospel while watching the Super Bowl. And we have no way of tracking how many Muslims also saw this throughout the entire Middle East.

Our network will soon bring God’s Greater Glory into Israeli living rooms. They will be awakened in this Glory to Jesus, and be born again. Entire Jewish families are now positioned to be saved and healed in their homes.

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Nowhere in the Scriptures does it say salvation can’t happen until large numbers of Jewish people are destroyed and Yeshua returns! Today is the day of salvation! Besides, those who die without Jesus have no second chance.

Our 24/7 online TV network, It’s Supernatural! Network (ISN), was designed to bring the new move of God’s Glory to your smart phone or computer at no charge anywhere in the world. There have already been almost a half million downloads of our free ISN app. Only God knows the number viewing on this and the other outlets we have.

I am so excited to announce we are now airing the North Georgia Revival live every Sunday at 6:00 pm ET on ISN. The Presence of God will flood you as you watch this new show. To get the ISN network just go to the App Store and type in my name, Sid Roth, and download our free orange ISN app. Below is a picture of the revival as it was being aired on our network.

If you had been watching recently, you would have seen a woman who was carried into the baptismal pool. She couldn’t walk because of a stroke in her spine. After she was baptized she ran up the steps unassisted. Her family verified the miracle.

As I mentioned before we are continuing to mail my evangelistic books to North American Jewish households. And now we are also reaching Jewish Millennials—the most open Jews in America—with the Gospel. Jewish Millennials are the future of America. And even the elderly Jewish people, who are one breath away from eternity, are getting our books through Project 77.

Everyone who partners with us for our Project 77 Jewish book mailing for the salvation of Israel will get a unique bonus—Paul Wilbur’s brand new music CD, Roar From Zion, recorded live in Jerusalem. This dynamic album captures the Presence of the Greater Glory ready to erupt over Israel!

Watch what happens when the Greater Glory explodes through the evangelistic books we are mailing to Jewish Millennials. It will release life- from-the-dead resurrection power for fiery young Jewish evangelists to one last time ignite the Gentile world with the re of God!