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The powerful key to seeing the sick healed in Jesus’ name is to know the Word of God concerning healing and to make the decision to believe it.

By John Mellor

As a new believer, I was very skeptical about divine healing. Though I’d heard it preached about often and attended a Pentecostal church, I never saw any real evidence of miraculous healing. I suppose back then I believed that God healed rarely and randomly.

This all changed dramatically in the 1990s when I went to work as a missionary pastor among tribal Aborigines in Katherine, a small remote town in the Northern Territory of Australia.

I began a weekly Gospel outreach in the nearby Aboriginal community of Binjari, but soon became discouraged because the majority of the Aborigines weren’t interested in what I had to share about Jesus. They knew the demonic power of their witch doctors, so my Bible stories about my God and His miraculous works, without any demonstration of His power, held no interest for them. Missionaries had come and gone over the years in failed attempts to reach their community.

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I held my meetings on a small grassy patch in the center of the community.

Only one old Aboriginal lady named Elsie and four children attended, sitting on a log. Elsie didn’t speak much English, but every Saturday she was there with three or four kids who helped to translate my stories for her.

My weekly visits to this small group continued for 8 months and I felt like giving up. However, I decided to fast and pray for 10 days a month until the end of the year, telling God that if I didn’t see a breakthrough by then, I would leave Katherine like so many other missionaries had before me. The focus of my prayer and fasting was simply to see Aborigines saved; it didn’t occur to me to believe for miracles and healing.

After 5 months of concentrated fasting and praying, I one day felt an impulsive urge to pray for old Elsie who was always limping due to a painful leg and wound that wasn’t healing.

I laid hands on her leg and prayed that the Lord would heal her, and I didn’t think much more about it. The next week when I arrived, something had changed at my small bush outreach. There was a large group of Aborigines waiting for me. It turned out that Elsie’s leg had been healed and word had quickly spread around the community. The Aborigines wanted me to pray for them and more people got healed. I was confused and surprised by what was happening as I was still skeptical that God heals today, but God quickly showed me otherwise in spite of doubts.

Before long, I had a revival in the Aboriginal community with 50 to 60 people turning up each week to worship Jesus. This revival lasted for several years in the late 1990s. Elsie’s healing marked the beginning of my healing ministry that has now seen tens of thousands healed and saved around the world.

I’m often asked about the most outstanding miracles I’ve seen Jesus perform.

A fairly recent one was in Switzerland. A Russian man, Artyem, who had been in a wheelchair for 10 years, came to receive a miracle. Artyem suffered brain damage after being attacked in jail while a political prisoner in Ukraine. The damage caused paralysis of his legs and weakness throughout his body. He also suffered from an incurable autoimmune disease that further ravaged his body and Artyem was told by doctors he had only one year to live. He had previously been a Russian national junior champion gold medal sportsman.

While applying for refugee status in Israel, after being released from jail, he met friends of ours there who told him about Jesus and miracles
and about our ministry. With new hope, Artyem started watching our YouTube clips and declared that it was his dying wish to come to our meetings. He sat through three of our meetings over a weekend, watching others being healed. I prayed for him at each meeting, but there was no change. However, at the very end of the final meeting when I was about to leave, I bent to hug him goodbye. He clung on to me tightly and wouldn’t let go. When I straightened up, he rose with me and then stood up from his wheelchair. To the shock of everyone watching, he took some tentative steps and then walked normally!

The next week Artyem sent us a video of himself working out in a gym, lifting weights and running on a treadmill to regain his strength and fitness. The following year he sent a video of himself jogging along a road, praising God!

Another miracle that stands out took place 13 years ago. Doctors had given Richard 18 months to live. He had been in a wheelchair for 9 years, was legally blind, and suffered from a rare terminal form of sarcoidosis which affected his whole body and caused him to bleed from his eyes, nose and ears. He was paralyzed on one side of his body from a stroke, was grossly overweight and had diabetes. He also had to wear a support brace on one leg as the result of a motorcycle accident that had shattered his kneecap. Richard’s initial miracle happened in 2006 at a healing meeting in Queensland, Australia, where in front of a thousand witnesses and a national news camera crew, he walked out of his wheelchair and regained his vision. Richard’s doctor confessed to a reporter on national television that there was no medical explanation for Richard’s “remarkable recovery.”

As Richard later recalled, “That night…I couldn’t see, couldn’t walk, I was bleeding everywhere. When John prayed, I felt a weird tingling sensation go through my body, and I automatically stood up and started walking towards the stairs. John asked me, ‘What’s going on here?’ I replied, ‘You tell me, I’ve never had this happen before.’

“I hadn’t walked for 9 years. The disease had destroyed my eyesight and John asked if I’d like to see again. He placed his hands over my bloodied eyes and prayed. When he took his hands away, I realized I could clearly see the clock on the back wall. When I left the meeting that evening, I could see and I could walk. I was ecstatic, and I cried for the rst time I could remember.”

Sometime later, when I prayed for Richard again, he also received a recreative miracle—a brand new kneecap—and he could walk without his knee brace. Richard later became a security guard at Brisbane Airport.

A favorite miracle took place in the early days of my international ministry. In 2000, I left Australia to minister in Scotland where an eighth-month healing revival broke out. Hamish was born with cerebral palsy and had always been semi- disabled. One side of his body was tight and his limbs twisted. After I prayed for him, his bones and joints straightened and cracked audibly in front of an amazed congregation. I hadn’t known what Hamish’s condition was before I prayed for him and had assumed he’d been in a car accident. When I asked Hamish, “How long has it been since you’ve run?” he replied,“I’ve never been able to run. I was born with cerebral palsy.” At the age of 46, Hamish took off, running around the church hall several times—the photo captures that moment. When interviewed later by the press Hamish said, “When he told me to run around the church, I felt like I was flying.”

I believe the powerful key to seeing the sick healed in Jesus’ name is to know the Word of God concerning healing and to make the decision to believe it. Jesus says in Mark 16:17-18, “In My name they will cast out demons… they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” Jesus has already purchased divine healing by His sacrifice on the Cross. He has done the hard part. Our part is to become like a child and simply make a decision to believe it and not doubt or overthink it.

Right now you might feel inadequate, unworthy or even too timid to pray for healing, but we all have the power to choose to place our hands on the sick and declare, “Be healed in the name of Jesus!” True faith is a choice to believe God, not a feeling or the limitation of our experiences.

John Mellor, along with his wife Julie, ministers healing and miracles to thousands in Australia and around the world each year.


Only the Greater Glory could make this happen!

By Sid Roth

GOD is telling me to look for the new. The old was good, but the new will be Greater! It has already started! I call it the Greater Glory. Here are some examples.

A friend of mine who is a public high school teacher asked me to share my testimony with his class. The first class I spoke to was accidental, I thought. I arrived 13 minutes early and my friend let me speak for the remainder of a class filled with nonbelievers. In those 13 minutes the Glory of God showed up and they all accepted Jesus as Lord! Imagine, in a public high school, being able to preach the Gospel and bear such fruit.

Then the students for the next class arrived. This was an elective class called, “The Bible as Literature.” The teacher assumed most of the students were believers. I knew better. Most may have been churchgoers, but few had experiential knowledge of God. Jesus said in John 17:3 (Wuest): this is the eternal life, namely, that they might be having an experiential knowledge of you, the only genuine God, and of Him whom you sent… Jesus the Messiah. Since I had more time for this class, it got even better. Not only did all say a prayer of salvation to have experiential knowledge of Jesus, but many were baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues for the first time. God is amazing!

This is the year that many churches and individuals will experience the Greater Glory of God for miracles, answered prayer and evangelism. I expect this to be the beginning of a billion-soul harvest!

Sid experienced firsthand the waters of baptism at Christ Fellowship Church in Dawsonville, GA

Need another example of the outbreak of the Greater Glory? Last month a friend at church told of suddenly getting breast cancer that spread throughout her lymph nodes. It was stage 4 and she needed a miracle. She heard about Christ Fellowship Church in Dawsonville, Georgia—a Baptist church. The pastor there had an open vision. As a Baptist, this was something he had never experienced.

He was told that if he would water baptize people, the power for miracles would show up and many would be healed. My friend went to the church, was baptized and all cancer vanished.

Loraine Barge’s PET-scans before and after her baptism.

I then visited the church myself and found the purest outpouring of God’s love. Many notable miracles have erupted there. I want you to see documented proof from Loraine Barge, a woman who had 50 cancerous lesions—stage 4 cancer. Look at the PET-scan before she was water baptized at the church. Then look at the PET-scan one day after her baptism. The large black marks are normal body organs, but the smaller black marks in the rst scan are cancerous lesions. All the lesions disappeared! Although she had started chemo, the doctor said at absolute best it would take 4-5 years just to shrink the lesions a little. Her physician assistant said, “It was a miracle”!

Since not everyone can go to the mountains of north Georgia to be baptized, I have asked the pastor to dip small prayer cloths in the water from his baptismal pool and give us a supply. If you would like one, I will send it to you at no charge (while supplies last) when you fill out our online form.

By the way, we are adding the live broadcast of his miracle baptismal service once a week to our 24/7 anointed It’s Supernatural! Network (ISN) programming. To get the free ISN app just go to the App Store and type in my name, Sid Roth. Then download the orange ISN app.

I was so impressed with the humility, power and simplicity of the teaching of John Mellor, author of the Aussie Outback Miracle lead article. His book and 3-CD set will give your faith a mega jump! I saw John interviewed on a top secular TV show in Australia, A Current Affair. They had a member of the Australian Skeptic Association try to trap him. The man went into the healing line with legitimate pain. After prayer he admitted the pain was reduced. God is so good!

God gave me this word at the beginning of the year. “Seed.” We have distributed over 3.1 million Jewish evangelistic books to unsaved Jewish people worldwide. Most were mailed to Jewish households. We are in process of mailing 720,000 evangelistic books to North American Jewish Millennials. Already this year I gave an evangelistic message and altar call during the half time of the Super Bowl that was broadcast in Israel and the entire Middle East on our network, Middle East TV. This is available in every home in Israel that owns a TV. Only the Greater Glory could make this possible!

After planting so much good evangelistic seed, it’s time for the Greater Glory Jewish harvest. This is the set time to favor Zion. Thank you for making all our evangelistic efforts possible. It’s now harvest time! It’s now time for God to have mercy on Israel with the greatest outpouring of His Glory in history. Your continued support makes all our sowing and reaping possible.

This is what your generous gifts will help accomplish! Isaiah 27:6 (NLT): The time is coming when Jacob’s descendants will take root. Israel will bud and blossom and ll the whole earth with fruit!