July 2014 Newsletter

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Messianic Vision - July 2014 Newsletter

Appointment in Jerusalem

By Sid Roth

Many years ago I met Derek Prince’s first wife, Lydia. I was a new Jewish believer in Messiah and she took me aside and prayed for me. Lydia was the power behind her husband’s outstanding teaching ministry. My wife Joy read her book, Appointment in Jerusalem, and has been telling our Israel tour groups ever since that they have an appointment in Jerusalem.

Sid and Joy RothThis recent trip to Israel was the most supernatural appointment in Jerusalem ever. Before it started I received a call from my sister who lives in Israel. She had met a Russian Jewish Israeli pastor who wanted to speak to me. I did not know this pastor and neither did my sister, but I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to call him. Previous to the phone call, we were faced with a challenge. The worship team that was scheduled to travel with us on the tour had to cancel. In their place I invited one of our recent TV guests, LaDonna Taylor, a world-class violinist. Actually, since I wanted a worship leader, inviting a violinist was not logical, but it was what I felt God wanted.

We had already booked a large building in Jerusalem that holds 500 people to conduct a concert for our tour group. Also, we hired a TV crew to film this event. I thought it would be special, but I had no idea it would be historic! While speaking on the phone with the Russian Jewish pastor, I asked, “Could you get some unsaved Jewish people to come to our concert?” We had 250 people on our tour so that left room for 250 non-believers. Why not turn the concert into an outreach? I told him I would preach the Gospel and demonstrate the supernatural with signs and wonders after the concert.

It would have been impossible to rent a large hall for our outreach if we had not previously scheduled the concert. And the selection of a world-class violinist turned out to be the perfect choice. The hand of God was all over this event. The pastor liked the idea of inviting the unsaved because Jews love concerts and also because of the supernatural element.

I am a risk taker. We committed up front to rent buses for the unsaved Jews. We rented five buses at $850 per bus and jammed 250 (only eight were believers) Jewish non-believers into them.

Just before the concert and my lecture on the supernatural, I started to get concerned. I had spent all that money and told my tour group that 250 unsaved Jews were coming. What if they didn’t show up? What if the Jews being bused in were all believers? Even though I knew in my spirit the whole event was of God, I momentarily got distracted with these questions.

While driving to the event I asked my assistant to call our contact to see if the unsaved Jewish people were on their way. He had left the number we needed at the hotel. Now, I was even more concerned. Then we found that another member of our team had the contact number. We quickly called and confirmed the buses were almost there!

We seated some of our tour group with the unsaved. They loved the concert. Then when I spoke, words of knowledge began to flow. Many were healed. One member of our tour group was sitting next to an unsaved Jewish woman whose fingers were painfully distorted by arthritis. She watched as the woman’s fingers straightened before her eyes. Then, the believer from our tour started talking to her in perfect Russian about her healing. It was totally supernatural as the believer spoke NO Russian!

July 2014 Newsletter
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There was a young woman (about 20 years old) in the front row who was skimpily dressed. At the end of the evening, after many had received miracles, I spoke about how God could make a prostitute clean. The tears were streaming down her face. Then at the altar call 99% stood up to make professions of faith, including the young woman. A friend of mine who is a second-generation Israeli Messianic Jew said in all his years he had never seen so many Israeli Jews saved!

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The next day I had coffee with the pastor who brought the unsaved Jewish people to the event. He said they had never had a meeting like this with such a bold altar call. That morning he got several calls from those who attended saying that all night long they were supernaturally hearing the violin music. He wants me to come back and hold more evangelistic outreaches and train his people to operate in the supernatural.

Sid ministers at our outreach eventWherever I went in Israel, I was witnessing. The Israelis are so open to the Gospel. One waiter told me he was raised ultra Orthodox with the black suit, curls, and beard. He had since left that lifestyle. I shared with him about my experience with the Shekinah Glory. He said, “I wish I could have that experience.” I gave him a copy of my new evangelistic booklet, Eyewitness: The Final Day On Earth. (To order copies of this booklet, please go here). I told him this would give him an encounter with the Messiah that would release God’s Glory.

He clutched the booklet to his chest just over his heart and said he would read it right away. He also took my email address so he could get information about a Messianic congregation near his home.

The director of a holy site said to me after I witnessed to her, “I see so much peace on you. I wish I had your peace.” I told her when she read my book she would have that same peace. Only one person out of the many I witnessed to was disinterested. This is God’s moment for revival in Israel. We are getting the new evangelistic booklet translated into Hebrew. My Hebrew translator is a Jewish believer and her husband told me it lit a fire in her as she translated it. This booklet is effective for Jewish people and Gentiles as well. I only brought ten with me to Israel and ran out. These Jewish people, especially the young, are so interested in the Messiah!

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Miracles from Ukraine

While in Israel I got an email telling me that our TV show in the Ukrainian language is now on the air in Ukraine on secular television, seven days per week — seven different episodes — in prime time. The timing of God amazes me. I was told the Jews in Ukraine are fearful of a new wave of anti-Semitism. They are trying to get to Israel. My heart’s desire is for them to come to Israel as believers from our evangelistic books and television show.

Here are a couple of testimonies we have already received from the show airing in Ukraine:

My name is Claudia, I’m living in Kiev. Thank you for your programs, they are very important for me to watch your supernatural stories. 4 months ago the doctors said I have cancer in my female organs. I decided not to receive this diagnosis and I have been watching your programs everyday for the last week. Now I don’t have any pain anymore.”

Natalie from Slavensk, Ukraine: We are in such fear but when I watch your program an incredible peace came to my life. In the last 3 days I know everything will be good and I learned that God can protect me. I will follow your God.”

I am asking you to partner with me to pay for the new evangelistic TV shows in Ukraine, on Discovery Channel and our new worldwide Spanish show. Doors are opening faster than ever in history, but I need the money to walk through them. I believe the same favor on my life will flow on you as together we run with the wind of this great Jewish harvest.

The only thing you take to heaven is souls. God’s heart is for the Jew and when you bless the Jewish people you receive blessings (Genesis 12:3).

One of the members of our Israel tour group told me he had been an alcoholic for over twenty years. He watched my TV show and was delivered, saved and now is on fire for God. I believe this same thing is happening all over the world. Imagine the supernatural experiences our viewers are having in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Mexico and in the United States on the secular Discovery Channel!

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Appointment in Jerusalem
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