2014 Israel Tour


Welcome to our 2014 Israel tour page! Whether you came on the tour with us and want to reminisce or you were unable to go and want to experience some of what we experienced, we pray you will be blessed. Check out the pictures and videos below to get started.


View pictures of some of the sites our tour group saw on our 2014 Israel tour.

View all 2014 Israel Tour images in a slideshow.


Watch videos with Sid and previous guests on It’s Supernatural! who joined us for the tour.

Sid speaks from Capernaum about the anointing in Israel.

Sid describes his favorite place in Israel.

Robert Vander Maten, President of Noseworthy Travel, shares the story of Matthew 16 at Caesarea Philippi.

Dr. Francis Myles shares the exciting story of the conversion of Cornelius the Centurion at Caesarea Maritima.

James Durham explains how to make God your stronghold at Ein Gedi, the place of David’s refuge from Saul.

LaDonna Taylor plays “Jesus Loves Me” in the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem.

Kynan Bridges explains how we can access the power of the risen Messiah Jesus from the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem.

Sid prays over you from the Western Wall in Jerusalem.


Want to see an interactive map of some of the locations we visited? Go to our 2014 Israel tour Pinterest board here.