Hanukkah Catalog 2023

Indiana Jones Has Nothing on Jonathan Cahn!

Jonathan Cahn’s latest book, The Josiah Manifesto, reveals hidden mysteries fueling recent global shifts, offering unique revelatory insights that challenge the ordinary perspective. Imagine exploring a 3,000-year-old calendar and unveiling connections between ancient and modern leaders. Join Jonathan on this thrilling expedition as he delves deep into understanding the influence of an age-old decree on contemporary leaders, and recent and future catastrophes. Offer includes Jonathan’s 8-DVD series, The Josiah Manifesto Uncensored, which unveils material and other mysteries that extend beyond the book. Donation of $59

Open the Door of Limitless Breakthroughs!

Dr. Francis Myles in his book, Following the Footsteps of Rabbi Jesus into the Courts of Heaven, will teach you how Rabbi Jesus opens a door for you of limitless breakthroughs as the law of Moses is seen in light of God’s grace. Understand how Jesus speaks with special authority to be your personal advocate and lawyer in the Courts of Heaven. Offer includes Francis’ book, I Speak to the Earth, and bonus audio CD, Commanding Prayers of Breakthrough. Donation of $39

The Awe of God

If you long for a deeper relationship with God, John Bevere’s new book, The Awe of God, and 4-CD audio series, Getting God’s Attention, will get you started on the right path. You will discover a the difference between fear of the Lord and a spirit of fear and understand why godly fear is foundational to having wisdom, understanding, knowledge, divine direction and intimacy with God. You will see how the fear of God conforms you to the image of Jesus and unlocks over 40 Bible promises such as longevity, confidence and friendship with God. Donation of $49

Get Your Faith Radical Again!

In her book, Walking in Prophecy, Signs and Wonders, author Glenda Jackson shares personal stories of miraculous events, including those of her family heritage, to demonstrate how God is still performing signs and wonders in the present day, and encourages you to become a vessel for God’s Glory as a prophetic watchman in anticipation of Messiah’s return. Offer includes Glenda’s exclusive 3-CD audio series, Your Days Are Numbered: The Best is Yet to Come. Donation of $35

God is Speaking to us Loud and Clear!

In his exclusive 3-CD audio series, Prophetic Words, Bobby Conner shares a “now” word for America, Israel and the world. This is a time of recovering what the enemy has stolen. Things in America will turn around, and warring angels have come from Heaven to help us. We have been given power to bind the enemy. God is not through with America, and we need to agree with Him. Offer includes Bobby’s CD teaching, Glory Hunger: The Secret Ingredient for Supernatural Encounters. Donation of $29

Your Upper Room Encounter!

Jody Keck says surrender to God is just an encounter away. Her 3-CD audio series, Your Upper Room Encounter, gives you powerful keys to move into the relationship God has always wanted. Offer includes the newly released book, River of Zion, Tommy Welchel’s written testimony of God’s miracles displayed at the Azusa Street Revival over 100 years ago. Tommy’s stories testify to the power and goodness of God and the unfulfilled revival spoken of by the prophet Joel! Donation of $35

The Most Supernatural Prayer in the Bible!

Through his new book, The Supernatural Prayer of Jesus, Chad Gonzales shares how Jesus’ prayer in John 17 grants you access to every miracle, answered prayer, provision and blessing that Jesus secured for you! People who read Chad’s book say they understand how to operate in the promises of God and gifts of the Spirit for the first time! And through his exclusive 3-CD audio series, The Power of Union, you will learn to exercise the fullness of dominion and authority available to us as believers. Offer includes a prayer card. Donation of $35

You’re Going to Become a Giant Killer!

Kick fear out of your life for good with Jeremy Johnson’s new book, Declare War on Fear, and exclusive 3-CD audio series, Become the Devil’s Greatest Fear. Jeremy shows you how to overcome the taunts of fear and to silence intimidation that keeps you from having more abundance in your life. Fear is not going to go away by leaving it alone. You must declare war on fear! Donation of $15

Your Wakeup Call!

Robert Hotchkin’s new book, Realms of Power, is your wakeup call. Robert says your hands are God’s hands, and in “Jesus crucified” they hold the power to shift atmospheres, activate faith and work miracles! In his 3-CD audio series, How to Access the Realms of Power, Robert teaches on the following: What is the substance of faith? Wake up to who you are! You have everything you need—use it! Donation of $17

Secrets of the Angels

Like you, every angel has its own assignment and influence. As Jamie Galloway explores the unseen realm in his book, Secrets of the Angels, he helps you see heaven’s activities as a pattern for your own life. Jamie explains both holy and fallen angels including Watchers, Seraphim, Cherubim, Archangels, ministering spirits, and the “living creatures.” Jamie’s 3-CD audio series, Unleashing Your Angelic Authority, will equip you to deal with fallen adversaries and partner with your angels. Donation of $17