Witch Doctor Gets a Word from Holy Spirit (Chad Gonzales)

Chad Gonzales shares a testimony where a witch doctor got a prophetic word from Holy Spirit!

This reality was God’s idea from the very beginning!

An Alternate Reality (Digital Download); Code 3623D

What if what you see isn’t the truth? What if what you are currently experiencing is a false reality?

You may not see it, but it is there—an alternate reality waiting to be experienced. It doesn’t resemble The Matrix. Jesus not only talked about it, He lived it, and then made a way for us to do it as well.

In An Alternate Reality, Chad Gonzales opens up a world many Christians do not realize is possible; a realm of living many thought was reserved only for those in Bible days.

Keeping Jesus as the standard and focus, Chad helps you discover what this alternate reality is and how to live from it. It’s God’s idea and it always has been!