What Are Words of Knowledge and How Can You Move in Them?

Sid Roth February 26, 2014 , , ,

Words of knowledge. To many of you that term may sound like a foreign language. I asked recent TV guest Randy Clark, who moves in words of knowledge, to explain.

He said, “It’s supernatural knowledge you don’t get through education or learning or any natural means.”

Okay. Still a bit confused? If you are a child of God, He is speaking to you all the time, right? If we learn to listen to Him, one of the things He wants to communicate to us is knowledge we can use to bring healing and wholeness to others and expand His Kingdom.

If the knowledge comes straight from God, it’s supernatural! Wouldn’t you agree?

Randy started to operate in this spiritual gift after someone mentored him on the phone in five minutes.

How does it work? Randy describes various ways of experiencing a word of knowledge. Here are a few basic ones:

  • When you feel pain, but you know it is not “your” pain.
  • When you have an impression of a disease, or somebody’s name.
  • Sometimes you see how a person was hurt, the place of an accident or a part of the body, like a mental picture or a daydream.
  • You may actually see a word on a person so you can read it.
  • You don’t have to say, “Thus sayeth the Lord…” You can just share the word of knowledge as part of your prayer for a person or just in conversation. Sometimes you hear yourself saying something you didn’t know you were going to.
  • There are times when you may have a dream about someone’s sickness before you meet them and the dream gives you the faith do say or do what you know God wants to.

Just remember, God is speaking to you! Be in a listening mode and be ready to move in the supernatural to bring healing and salvation to others!

To see Randy Clark demonstrate words of knowledge watch my It’s Supernatural! TV interview with him. Want to go deeper? Be sure to check out The Essential Guide to Healing that he co-authored with Bill Johnson.