We’ve just been CENSORED in Canada for THIS!

We were censored in Canada! This is serious business. Because one person complained about our recent episode, the network stopped airing it over concern that it violated Canadian broadcasting standards.

Watch the video above where I explain what happened.

The show that someone complained about was Prophetic Outlook 2020. In that program, guest Jeremiah Johnson said, “To support Planned Parenthood is to support racism.” We even explained why. Margaret Sanger, who started Planned Parenthood, was trying to use abortion to make sure the African American community didn’t get too large. That was the original intent. And even today, Planned Parenthood usually places its clinics in African American communities.

So, one person got upset with us and was able to stop that episode from being played on the network in Canada. Here’s the thing—the statement that was made on our show was historically accurate. What if we were to say Nazis were anti-Semitic? Could we be subject to the same censorship? It’s a true fact, but someone could accuse us of being racist, singling out a group of people.

It’s really getting crazy. And that is going on in our next-door neighbor, Canada.

I am concerned that unless there is major revival, the same thing could spread to the United States.

This is why we started our own It’s Supernatural! Network(ISN). Our network is God-sensitive, not man pleasing! It will not be censored or controlled.

What can you do?

  1. Pray for the political leadership and the coming elections in the United States so that those who want to censor biblical views (such as pro-life, pro-Israel, and marriage only between a man and a woman) will not gain control. And then vote! (And pray for the leadership in Canada as well!)
  2. Help us spread the word about ISN. People all over the world can watch on their smart phone or tablet using our free ISN app. All you need to do is go to your app store and type in my name, “Sid Roth,” and look for the orange icon that says “ISN.” You can also watch on computer at SidRoth.org/ISN or on Roku.
  3. Support our ministry with your financial gifts so that we can continue to create and broadcast original anointed programs on ISN as well as our many other outreaches.

Thank you for your faithfulness and helping us to continue to broadcast the Good News!

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