Walking after 10 Years!

Testimony Title
Walking after 10 Years!

I was watching your interview with Peter Gammons…I said out loud, " I wish you would heal me, Lord."

I am deaf in my left ear. I am in a wheelchair, unable to walk due to an accident during back surgery. I have had no sensation in my right leg for the past 10 years. When I spoke I was thinking about my left ear…

Anyway, I hear someone say, "You have been healed." I looked around, but I did not think it was God. A few minutes later I got up. At home I usually lean on furniture to get around. As I reached for the couch I felt pain in my right leg! I put weight on it, then moved my leg as if it walk. I did not fall down! I walked without holding onto any furniture. The Lord healed at the connection between my brain and my right leg!

I am thrilled what the Lord has done for me. I would like to thank you and also Peter Gammons…