The Oracle — Ancient Prophecy Foretelling Trump & The End-Times

The Oracle is a mystery that foretold Trump and End Times prophetic events long ago. Join Jonathan Cahn and Sid Roth in this hour-long special video as they explore these amazing ancient prophecies!

Watch Sid Roth’s recent It’s Supernatural! interview with Jonathan Cahn here. | Watch Jonathan’s testimony video.

What kind of mystery is this?

The Oracle & The Oracle Uncensored (Book, 6-CD Set & Parsha guide); Code 9633

Since the time of Jesus, the Jewish people have publicly read through the Torah  every year, a portion at a time. It’s called the Parsha. It is read in every synagogue, on the same day, throughout the world. And it is beyond imagination that as Scripture is being publicly read so many prophecies are fulfilled!

Some of the most famous people of modern history and unfolding events, past, present and future, are prophesied—and the event takes place on the exact day the portion of Scripture is read!

Jonathan Cahn shows how it foretells the rise of America, details of two world wars, past elections, including President Trump—and even the master secret of the end times and the second coming!

The Oracle will give you a totally new perspective on how God operates right before your eyes! Get the whole story now, including our exclusive 6-CD set, while supplies last!

Jonathan’s CDs give insight into the Tomb of the Patriarchs, the Mystery of Edom and much more. The unique Parsha guide gives you the exact portions read weekly, in synagogues worldwide!