The Most Forbidden Information on the Planet (Jennifer Guetta)

I recently interviewed Jennifer Guetta, an archeologist who for 8 years before becoming a believer conducted an excavation in Israel on “Megiddo“—or “Armageddon” as we know it.

What Jennifer shares during this interview is the most forbidden information on the planet! When you hear the whole interview, you will agree!

Awestruck by Glory (Digital Download) by Jennifer Guetta (foreword by Sid Roth):

Awestruck by Glory is the chilling true story of a Biblical archaeologist who discovered how real the spiritual world is―and how dangerous!

In her search for the truth behind the Bible, scientist Jennifer Guetta was led to conduct archaeological excavations in Israel.

In the course of her work Jennifer met a practitioner of Kabbalah who promised fascinating information. The woman, who at first appeared warm and loving, turned out to have a dark side.

Soon Jennifer and her husband were attacked by a disturbing supernatural power. They became desperate to find a way back to normal life. In the troubling season that followed, Jennifer and her husband Elijah found themselves on a quest that led them to an unexpected discovery.