Watch TBN Tuesday April 19th at 10 pm

This program has already aired. You can watch a replay here

Recently I was invited by my friends at Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) to host their Praise the Lord program for “A Night of Miracles.” 

I’m so excited for this show because I’ve done something that I really haven’t done before. I got together three of the most anointed people of God that I know—people who move in extraordinary miracles!

Each one by himself operates heavily in the miraculous. But I thought, What if we put Richard Roberts, Gordon Robertson, and Keith Ellis, merge their anointings together and then have Roy Fields literally touch Heaven with worship? What would happen? 

I can tell you what happened! It was greater then any one individual. There was such an outpouring of God's Spirit and the anointing was so strong I was literally shaking! 

Praise the Lord airs 4/19 at 10 pm ET on TBN. if you need a miracle or just need to be charged up—and I know you do—be sure to watch! 

And tell everyone you know about this special episode—especially family and friends who need a miracle! Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

—Sid Israel Roth