Sid’s Recommended Playlist

Are you staying at home right now like my wife Joy and I are? Just as 9/11 changed America forever, the coronavirus will change America forever. It seems as though every news story is somehow connected to the pandemic. Frankly, I’m getting sick of the news. We need some good news!

Now more than ever, we should be implementing the supernatural tools I have been talking about on It’s Supernatural! God is the antidote to all the fear and anxiety around us. He is still our Healer. He is still our Provider. And He is still our Protector.

Below is a playlist of a few of my videos that will help you right now to focus on God and experience His Presence. This is your time of unprecedented growth spiritually. The best is yet to come!

Ancient Key to Coronavirus—My guest Candice Smithyman and I discuss how this mysterious key is as effective against disease and viruses today as it was over 3,000 years ago.

Sid’s Secret Weapon Against Coronavirus—I did this one from home on my ipad. It may not be the TV studio production you are used to seeing from me, but the Presence of God will jump off the screen.

These next two with Peggy Joyce Ruth are from a few years back, but they are more timely now than ever…

Peggy Joyce Ruth—Peggy Joyce heard the audible voice of God in a dream giving her the key to walking in divine protection 24/7. Tune in as she shares how you can walk in supernatural Psalm 91 protection too.

Jack and Peggy Ruth—After eight years of torment, Peggy Joyce was set free from all fear. Jack & Peggy Joyce reveal how the Lord broke her free from it.

Hrvoje Sirovina —Everyone has generational curses in their family. And everyone needs to learn how to redeem their bloodline!

Miracle Explosion LIVE ShowJoan Hunter, Clarice Fluitt and Joan Gieson each walk in a dimension of the same Glory that was on Kathryn Kuhlman—any one by themselves would be enough. So watch what happens when all three of these women who operate in miracles come together. Watch your faith explode for the miraculous.

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