Sid’s Books

Do you have a heart for the Jewish people?

It’s time for the last great harvest of souls, but the harvest won’t be complete without both Jew and Gentile! Sid has two powerful books to help usher in this harvest of Jewish souls, but there is much remaining to do. We must have both for the Kingdom to come! Will you help?


There Must Be Something More

Sid’s personal testimony gives a powerful witness to Jew and Gentile alike! His own personal search almost cost him his marriage and his life! Sid’s Jesus encounter changed both.

They Thought for Themselves

Sid is not the only Jew to meet their Messiah! They Thought for Themselves gives the compelling testimonies of 10 Jews from strikingly different backgrounds. Each had their own encounter and overcame the all too common roadblocks within Jewish communities that work to keep both secular and seeking Jews from knowing Messiah Jesus. The season for spiritual blindness for Israel is over. It’s time for the Jewish harvest to come in!