A Heart for Evangelism

You Are Making a Kingdom Difference!

Every time you partner with us financially – whether by ordering resources, giving gifts, or becoming a monthly partner – you are supporting the heart of our ministry and investing in God’s Kingdom. Here is just a snapshot of what you are supporting when you partner with us financially:

-You help make it possible to air It’s Supernatural! around the world so that all people – Jews and Gentiles – may hear the Gospel and know Jesus as Messiah! We are currently airing in Israel, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine and in North, Central and South America.

-You help make our evangelistic outreaches in Israel a possibility. At our last outreach in October, more than 525 unsaved Jews stood to make a public profession of faith in Jesus!

-You are supporting the construction and maintenance of evangelistic websites to reached unsaved Jews.

-When you give through Project 77, you help us send our evangelistic book, They Thought for Themselves, to Jewish homes in North America. To date, we have received sponsorship to mail more than 1.4 million books!

Thank you for supporting the heart of our ministry. We count on your partnership prayerfully and financially to continue all of our outreach efforts. Please consider making a one-time gift to our ministry. As you catch God’s heart, you catch His favor!