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Video about Dennis Walker praying over baby who was raised from the dead.

David Hogan's message is simple enough — in Jesus, you are an action hero.

Less Can Be More by Lonnie Lane   If you saw Sid’s interview with Nathan Morris you know there’s a Revival going on in Mobile, Alabama. That’s not the only place God is saving souls and healing people. The live link of the Revival is bringing salvation and healing to people the world over, but […]

Title Younger (Thinner) You Diet by Dr. Eric Braverman (Book), Code: 1208 Title On Restoring Eve by:  Lonnie Lane What do you think of Eve? Do you see her as God’s proto-type perfect woman, as His consummate creation; His final masterpiece? Or do you see her as the ultimate ‘tempted temptress’ who is responsible for […]

Watch Sid Roth’s interview with Larry Sparks and Ana Werner on “The Greater Glory.” by Lonnie Lane When Sid’s guests talk about the power of God descending upon a meeting, isn’t that the same “energy” that New Age meetings often experience? One man wrote with this concern, being wary that some supernatural experiences or teachings […]

by Lonnie Lane  Things were going really well in Yeshua’s ministry, and the miracles were increasing and it seemed like almost all in Israel were following Him, or at least talking about Him. The air of expectation was electric with assurance that the redemption of Israel was finally “at hand.”  Surely Yeshua was the King […]

  A Resurrection Story by Lonnie Lane  It wasn’t just that all their hopes and dreams died when He did, but such supernatural things took place when He died. John had been the only one of the disciples who could bear being with Him, watching Him die as he kept watch at the foot of […]

Objection: “There was no Jewish expectation in the first century that the Messiah would be some great miracle worker, so all of Jesus’ alleged miracles were of no interest to the first century Jewish leaders and they are of no interest to me.” by Dr. Michael Brown Answer: “I think you are misinformed, and I don’t […]

They Thought For Themselves, Chapter 2 No Place for a Good Jewish Boy by Rabbi Jonathan Bernis I was raised in a traditional Jewish home. I refer to myself as a former “holiday Jew.” We went to synagogue on the high holidays and had family gatherings on the important holidays like Passover, Rosh Hashanah and […]