Replay of the 40th Anniversary and the Glory Celebration

On February 23, 2017 we celebrated 40 years of ministry with our 40th Anniversary and the Glory Celebration! My special guests, Dr. Keith Ellis and Kevin Zadai, are men who move in the new outpouring of God’s Glory. They prayed for our audience and you to move in the same Glory.

During the broadcast, worship leader Jim Cernero ushered us into the atmosphere of Heaven!

There was a powerful move of God’s end-time Glory in the studio during this once-in-a-lifetime event. You don’t want to miss it!

You can also watch replays of all our previous live, interactive programs here.

Get Ready to be Front-and-Center for the Greatest Revival in History!

It’s Supernatural! & Accessing the Supernatural (Hardcover Book and 3-CD Set); Code: 9461

In honor of our 40th Anniversary, we are releasing a hardback version of my latest book, It’s Supernatural!, which is just off the press. It is jam-packed with the best wisdom for moving in the supernatural of God that I have gleaned from 40 years of interviewing the Generals of the faith.

You also get two CDs by Dr. Keith Ellis and Kevin Zadai— two of the most anointed miracle ministries I know. I want you to immerse yourself in this revelation and become normal— normal as defined by the Bible. These tools will equip you to be a front-and-center participant in the greatest revival in history!