We have partnered with a ministry that is on the ground meeting the physical and spiritual needs of those who have fled the war, and those who are still there clinging to hope of a ceasefire.


Through its cable and satellite subscribers, METV is available in every home in Israel and reaches both Jews and Arabs. Satellite Signal covers a potential audience of half a billion people!

Project 77

Through Project 77, we have been able to distribute 3.5 million copies of this anointed evangelistic book, They Thought for Themselves, to unsaved Jewish people all over the world!

Bomb Shelters

Our donors are partnering with us to build 700 bomb shelters across Israel as we believe that it is the heart of God to physically protect His people, so they can then be reached spiritually.

Supernatural Sid

Supernatural Sid is a Bible-based animated show geared toward equipping even the littlest among us to walk forth in the supernatural power of faith.

Lectures in the Supernatural

Discover testimonies of miracles and salvations through these special lectures. Over 12,000 Jewish people have already been saved during Sid’s lectures!