Pentecost 2016


June 11, 2016

Dear Mishpochah (Family),

Tonight begins one of my favorite biblical feasts—Pentecost. Please take a moment to watch this brief video message I have recorded just for you, my Mishpochah (Family).

3,000 Salvations and Counting!

Do you remember what happened in Acts 2 at the time of the first Pentecost? Nothing short of 3,000 Jewish people were gloriously saved when Peter shared the Good News. Why? Because they saw a demonstration of the supernatural power of God.

It reminds me of what has just happened with our ministry. Over the past year, as we have conducted outreaches in Ukraine, Canada and Israel, over 3,000 unsaved Jewish people have made professions of faith! Why? Because they saw God heal hundreds of people right in the meetings. This opened the door for me to share the Gospel.

Benefits of God’s System

At Pentecost (Festival of Weeks), God instructed the Jewish people to bring an offering of their firstfruits, the best of what they had (Exodus 23:15-16).

Then, a few verses later, God lists the benefits of serving Him:

  • His blessings will be on your food and water.
  • He will take away sickness from among you.
  • None of you will miscarry or be barren.
  • He will give you a full lifespan.
  • Your enemies will turn and run.

I Pray God’s Blessings Over You

This Pentecost, I invite you to sow a firstfruits offering in good ground by partnering with us to reach thousands of Jewish people through our evangelistic meetings, TV program and other outreaches.

I pray in Jesus’ name that His blessings overtake you this Pentecost, that you enjoy His divine health, an abundant and fruitful life, and that every enemy you have will be under your feet!

Yours for the Salvation of Israel,
Sid Israel Roth

Make a Special Pentecost Offering to Sow Into the Salvation of the Jewish People.

Your special Pentecost Offering will be poured into Jewish evangelism.