Passover 2021

Make a Special Passover Offering to Sow Into the Salvation of the Jewish People.

Your special Passover Offering will be poured into Jewish evangelism.

It’s the Passover season—the celebration of when the Jewish people were miraculously set free from slavery in Egypt.

When I think about that first Passover, I think about the lamb’s blood. Following God’s instruction, the Jewish people applied the blood of an unblemished lamb to the doorpost of their homes—and the demonic angel of death was stopped in its tracks. An entire family (Mishpochah) was protected under that blood.

That lamb was a foreshadow of Messiah Jesus, our perfect Passover Lamb. How much more power is in the Blood of the Messiah Himself!

The Blood of Jesus brings healing, protection, intimacy with God, provision and total victory over sin.

There is an old practice very few believers do today, called “pleading the Blood.” Just as my forefathers used to apply the blood of the Passover lamb to the doorpost, you apply the Blood of Jesus with the spoken word. But it won’t just happen by itself—you need to speak it forth. I want you to get in the habit of pleading the Blood wherever you go!

Please watch my brief Passover video in which I pray and plead the Blood of Messiah Jesus over you.

Also, please consider a special Passover offering to sow into the salvation of the Jewish people—and the salvation of ALL people. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Together, we are reaching out through our evangelistic TV program, our Jewish outreach meetings, Middle East TV (covering all of Israel and the entire Middle East), and much more!

And when you partner with our ministry, you are not just reaching the Jewish people, you are planting a seed for the salvation of ALL people!

Thank you for your partnership!