Newsmax 1-Hour Special

The Josiah Manifesto

On this one-hour It’s Supernatural! special, Sid Roth’s guest and best-selling author, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, reveals how the catastrophic events of the past few years are foretold in the Bible with unbelievable accuracy: to the year, the month, the day, and the hour.

Unlocking Ancient Wisdom

Embark on a revelatory journey with The Josiah Manifesto. This extraordinary book uncovers hidden mysteries fueling recent global shifts, offering unique prophetic insights that challenge the ordinary. Explore a 3000-year-old calendar’s secrets, untangle the impact of ancient temples and prayers on pivotal events, and unveil connections between ancient and modern leaders. Delve deep as you explore the influence of an age-old decree on contemporary leaders and ponder how Middle Eastern enigmas could reshape America’s narrative.

Unveiling Uncensored Material

Is there a solution, a roadmap, a framework that discloses the essential insights for surviving, persevering, and succeeding amidst impending challenges? With Jonathan Cahn’s book, The Josiah Manifesto, and his exclusive 8-DVD series, The Josiah Manifesto Uncensored, you will gain an unparalleled perspective into ancient mysteries that will serve as a blueprint for navigating the end-times. His 8-DVD set promises to unveil uncensored material and other mysteries that extend beyond the book!