Newsmax 1-Hour Special

Host the Holy Ghost

In this one-hour It’s Supernatural! special, Sid Roth’s guest, Vlad Savchuk, proves that you can know the God of the Supernatural as more than just a force of power…you can know Him as a PERSON! And THAT is the key that unlocks the miraculous!

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Being One with God IS For Everyone!

If you long for MORE of God…If you hunger for His love to permeate your everyday life… And, not just on Sunday, but EVERY SINGLE DAY! If you dream of the days when people like Moses and Deborah of the Bible experienced amazing things, then Vlad Savchuk’s book and CD set will cause you to feel as if you are, finally, drinking deeply from the refreshing well of Truth. Vlad wants to teach you how to have true, life-changing, intimacy with the One who knew you before you were even born.

Intimacy is the key to boldness, and boldness is the KEY to ever-increasing depths of Power rising all around you!

This is exactly what your soul has been thirsting for, so dive head-first into experiencing more of the knowledge of God and become empowered to overcome every scheme set against you!