Newsmax 1-Hour Special

On this, It’s Supernatural! hour-long special, Sid Roth’s guest, Joseph Z, says that demons are what cause many to miss their God-given destiny but that can quickly come to a screeching halt…when you learn to ACTIVATE ANGELS to work for you! Sid Roth’s second guest, Jerame Nelson, witnessed the most extraordinary MIRACLE when the same GLORY OF GOD that Moses experienced on Mount Sinai came to his healing service in Africa…and 50,000 Muslims came to JESUS!

God Said His People are Being Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge (Hosea 4:6) 

Joseph Z says that God does not want you to be ignorant of any of His blessings, but even many good believers suffer defeat because of not having the knowledge regarding how to activate their angels. This is due to wrong, false, or religious teaching that keeps them from the fullness of ALL that salvation has won for them! Joseph is excited to teach you about activating the Angelic World to fight FOR you! He says that angels are God’s Servants and will respond when we SPEAK God’s Words. They do not respond to emotions…or pleading…but to God’s WILL and WORD! Fasten your seat belt for this LIFE-CHANGING revelation!

Major Miracles Are Leading Multitudes of Muslims… to Jesus!  

Jerame Nelson experienced what can only be described as a modern-day miracle of BIBLICAL proportions! Jerame was in Malawi, Africa doing a healing festival and when he stood up to speak Heaven opened over him and God poured out ministering angels. The Sprit of God told Jerame to take his God-given authority over the spirit of witchcraft, and when he did something happened that turned a healing meeting into a COME TO JESUS meeting as 50,000 Muslims left there professing Jesus as their Savior!