Newsmax 1-Hour Special

Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! ONE-HOUR SPECIAL begins with a powerful presentation on unlocking the secrets of “The Priestly Prayer of the Blessing” – created by our long-time Executive Producer, Warren Marcus. Though his recent passing into glory has greatly saddened us, we proudly honor his legacy as we air this program. Then Jeremiah Johnson says that many focus only on the darkness while others are simply blinded to the satanic schemes rapidly destroying the moral fabric of our families and our nation. But God showed Jeremiah that there is a way to rise above ALL FEAR OR ANXIETY!

God Wants a Relationship with YOU!

Warren Marcus hasuncovered one of the greatest treasures in all of Scripture. Jesus taught us how to pray to the Father, but Father God taught Moses and Aaron another perspective — how to impart the Father’s blessing to the Children of Israel for their complete favor, protection, and provision. Modern translations cloud the power and meaning of this all-but-forgotten treasure! Warren brings its Hebrew words to life and teaches you how to have intimacy with the Father and prepare for the last great outpouring of His Glory!

God’s Strategy Equals Your Victory! 

Jeremiah Johnson is here to tell you the five in-depth strategies the enemy is using to destroy people. But have no fear! God gave Jeremiah a blueprint, the exact weapons needed to counteract the enemy… and WIN! So, lace up your combat boots as Jeremiah lays out God’s instruction that guarantees our victory! This is God’s anointed plan to supernaturally strengthen us for the end-time battle of our lives!