Newsmax 1-Hour Special

Sid Roth’s guest, Rabbi Felix Halpern, shares how by the end of the first century, our church fathers had so betrayed the Jewish people- which even to this day robs you of God’s full blessings- putting many Christians under a CURSE! That changes, NOW!!! Then, Margaret Green describes how she was facing TWO life-threatening illnesses…until God revealed one blind spot that prevents healing in MANY!

Your Life was NOT Meant to be Cut Short!

Margaret Green suffered from TWO life-threatening sicknesses that would have ended her life far too soon…but then God revealed ONE major blind spot that was affecting her ability to be healed! And that same blind spot is affecting many others! Margaret was sabotaged from birth…even to the point of attempted suicide at age 8! Now, a proven prophetic voice, she wants to unlock your God-given destiny!

The best-kept secret for God’s blessings to the Gentile Christian has been a mystery…until NOW!

Rabbi Felix Halpern thought believing in Jesus meant he was no longer Jewish…until TWO supernatural encounters changed his mind! Tune in as he DESTROYS the seeds of antisemitism that were unknowingly sown in the hearts of many Christians, causing them to miss the fullness of God’s plan! Rabbi Felix Halpern says it is high TIME to reverse the curse, walk in the truth, and take back what the enemy has stolen!